Terms & Conditions: Session Package



By completing your purchase, you indicate you understand and agree to comply with this document of terms and conditions. 

1: Welcome! What to Expect

Welcome to Seek Deeply. I am honored to support your journey towards wholeness. There will be many discoveries and surprises over the course of therapy. This document describes a few of the certainties you can expect.


  • Email – Feel free to email me about logistics. For emails around therapeutic material, you can expect me to receive your message and save my response for sessions, when we can provide the matter with the deep attention it deserves. In other words, you’ll receive an emailed reply from me only when the topic is logistics.
  • Phone – For last-minute communication, you’re welcome to call or WhatsApp me (No voicemails, please – I don’t check those regularly!)


 2: Commitment to Consistency

When you and I work together, we reserve ahead of time a set weekly appointment in our calendars for your sessions. Why? Dedicating the same day and week to inner work consecrates it to psyche, which deepens our work. In addition, meeting at a predictable weekly frequency builds momentum. 

If something prevents you from attending a scheduled session, that missed appointment will still count as part of your package, unless:

  • Major life event like birth of a child wherein date cannot be predicted.
  • We reschedule for another time the same week as your original appointment. There is no guarantee rescheduling will be possible, but I will do my best. It’s easiest with early notice – please tell me 7 days ahead if possible.

Holidays and Time Zones: Unless otherwise arranged, our appointments continue as normal on national and religious holidays. Check ahead for any conflicts, especially if we’re in different countries. If our meetings occur in March or October (or when clocks change in your location in the world), note:

  • I work with clients all over the globe where clocks change at different times in the year. To offer you and all clients as consistent a schedule as possible, our appointment start time is based on Central European Time (CET) where I’m located.
  • Depending on your location (like the USA), the number of hours between our time zones can fluctuate when the clocks change. When this happens, our appointment will be held at the CET/CEST time. You can always Google to doublecheck start time.
  • It is your responsibility to check ahead and notice if rescheduling will be needed. In 2024, CET clock changes occur on: March 31 and October 27. (Examples of how this might affect you: In the US, our sessions will be either one hour earlier or later than normal for you roughly 1-2 weeks before or after each CET clock change – I suggest Googling for exact details. In Dubai and Hong Kong, our sessions will be at different times 6 months of the year unless arranged otherwise.)

Starting Late: I wait up to 15 minutes after our original start time. If you are late, we will still finish at the originally scheduled ending time. In other words, your session will be shortened. (For Zoom sessions:  If you’re in the waiting room and haven’t been admitted into our meeting room, call or WhatsApp me at +31-63-015-6286.)

Duration and Frequency: The Session Package includes six IFS sessions of 50 minutes each. The first five sessions are held all in one week. The sixth is scheduled upon completion of the week at a mutually-agreed upon date (usually one to two weeks later). 


3: Confidentiality

I hold what arises in our therapy with the utmost respect and care. I regularly seek professional supervision for the purpose of benefiting your therapy – such conversations are confidential. 

Duty to Report: In certain situations I am required to disclose information about you. When possible, I will alert you before doing so. I contact authorities and/or other relevant parties if:

  • If you are a danger to self, to others, to property, or are gravely disabled
  • If there is a reasonable suspicion of child, dependent, or elder abuse or neglect

If If you suddenly drop out of contact with no warning (such as if you’ve not appeared for a session and I cannot reach you for 48 hours), I might reach out to others to ensure you’re okay.


4: Refunds

There are no refunds for the Session Package for any reason, including if you change your mind or are unable to attend a session aside from the exceptions noted in Commitment to Consistency above. If I were unable to attend (which is extremely unlikely – in 2023 I only had to reschedule 1 session), I would provide you with dates to make up any missed sessions.


5: Indemnification

Benefits & Risks of Therapy

Since you are starting therapy, you have an idea of the invaluable benefits it can provide. That said, there is no guarantee therapy with me will give you certain outcomes. From our work you might encounter unpleasant events, feelings, physiological symptoms, or thoughts. Attempting to resolve personal and interpersonal issues may result in changes that were not originally anticipated.  

Risks could include, and are not limited to:

  • discomfort, feelings of anger, sadness, worry, fear, etc.
  • experiencing anxiety, depression, flashbacks, nightmares, insomnia, physiological symptoms, suicidality, etc. 
  • changing behaviors, employment, addiction patterns, schooling, housing or relationships

My Credentials Under Dutch Law

The therapeutic work I provide is covered by Dutch law and by agreeing to this contract you acknowledge that the healthcare and professional laws of any other countries where you might be located during do not cover these therapeutic services. My clinical master’s degree is in Creative Arts Therapies. My title is psychologist or therapist. It is not one of these titles protected under Dutch law: clinical psychologist, healthcare psychologist, or psychotherapist. Therapy with me is not medical, psychiatric, or psychotherapeutic treatment as defined by Dutch law. It is your responsibility to identify if you need such treatment, and to seek it.

Waiver of Liability

You participate in therapy knowing it carries risks. You agree not to sue, prosecute, or otherwise hold financially or legally liable me, the therapist (LR Wayne), or my company (Seek Deeply) for any bodily, emotional, or psychological harm, or material damage or loss resulting from therapy, end of therapy, and/or interactions with me. This waiver of liability also applies to your heirs, wills, family, and to anyone acting on your behalf. If you initiate financial or legal proceedings related to liability or to any other matter, or if another party does so on your behalf, your electronic agreement to these terms and conditions provides a legally binding agreement that regardless of your current or future location, legal jurisdiction shall be either that of the Netherlands or the United States, location subject solely to the discretion of LR Wayne at the time of jurisdiction.

Up to this date, Lucille has never been involved in any legal conflict with clients and does not expect to! This agreement is simply to cover legal bases.

Implied Consent to Updates

You understand this Policies document is periodically updated. By electronically checking the agreement box to these terms and conditions, you agree that: If you are informed of and provided with an updated version of this document, continuation of therapy provides your implied consent to updated versions of these policies. You agree that an additional signature or electronic agreement to the updated document will not be not required.