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There’s a way out of that mood or behavior you’re stuck in – and to your core.

Lucille looks in mirror with self-reflection therapy

Uncover your parts

and return to your center

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Tuesday, February 21 📆 1pm EST / 18:00 UK

2 hours with Certified IFS Therapist Lucille Aaron-Wayne

You’re fed up! It’s time to break out of that mood and dive below that behavior pattern.

Get back into the flow of you! (Get your flow back!) Break out of that mood you’re stuck in. Dive below that behavior pattern.

Tap into your inner well! break out of that mood you’re stuck in.


Pour out your heart and break out of that mood or behavior you’re stuck in


If you loooove the idea of IFS,

but when you try parts work on your own …

Pull back the curtains and let the sunshine back in

You can have the best of both worlds

Grandmother’s mirror

for soul-seekers blending self-healing + classic therapy

❌You aren’t sure you’re in Self

🤔You hear “You don’t know what you’re doing!”

🤦🏽‍♂️It’s just not working


⛵You’ve not yet tried IFS on your own!


I made this workshop for you.

In this enlightening, hands-on workshop you will:

example of a part trying to be Self in IFS

Learn to distinguish Self-Like Parts from Self so you can gain confidence in doing IFS on yourself

Meet your most disruptive Part that interrupts your self-healing work so you can understand its fear

Game plan for when your Self-Like Part pops up – so you can respond in a soul-honoring way

PLUS: Discover my surprising framework for being in Self during solo IFS

And guess what? It’s FREE!


recentered in your self-healing powers

Hi soul-seeker

I’m a fellow seeker, and I get that you want to work with your own parts – I do, too! The implicit promise of IFS is that you can do it yourself. But very few realize that solo IFS is a completely distinct skill from regular IFS. 

First let’s address why you can trust me. As a mental health professional in the Netherlands, I have a master’s degree in creative arts therapies. I’m one of the most experienced IFS therapists in the world, officially trained in 2012 (Level 3 Certified IFS therapist). A soul-seeker to the depths, I’m a Jungian-analyst-in-training at the renowned Zurich institute.

polaroid of Lucille

I’ve turned this decade of experience into my groundbreaking system for learning solo IFS. My methodology is also lovingly shaped by the shamanic practices of my grandmother. And now I share it with you.

Join the workshop – you won’t regret it. I’m willing to bet you’ll remember it for a long, long time.

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When you unleash your real Self leadership, you melt major blocks and …


Become the self-healer you’ve been dreaming of

Tuesday, February 21 📆 1pm EST / 18:00 UK